June 6, 2013 Changes: Support for serial numbers (optional third argument of scripts): Example:
ecm 15ec d031 3226 # Set serial # to "3226"

Support for RNDIS and ECM subset

subset 15ec d031 rndis 15ec d031

June 13, 2013 Support for headless operation. If the file /etc/usb/usb-network.conf is present at boot time, parameters in it can be used to automatically set up the USB link
PROTOCOLUSB network protocolone of ecm eem ncm subset rndis. subset selects the ECM subset used for USB hardware without deficient or faulty USB features
VENDORVendor IDHex digits (no 0x prefix)
PRODUCTProduct IDHex digits (no 0x prefix)
SERIALSerial #Note this parameter is optional. The others are required for configuration at boot time to succeed.
June 17, 2013 Added the Avahi mDNS daemon. In combination with new installation options (see below) the Panda can now be accessed without knowing its IP address, and without a password (by installing an SSH key file when the SD card is created).
December 13, 2013 Main archive
New Write Script
Revision 2 of Testdrive Panda. Easier to install. Much smaller. Essential features retained.

The password of both root and the testdrive user are now "testdrive"

The archive was reduced in size by deleting a single enormous directory: /var/lib/preinstalled-pool. The absence of this directory has only one effect: apt-get does not function normally. If you need to restore this directory, then its contents are available here

The new version of the support scripts can be found here. The most important support script is

Its use is explained in the help for the script and also in the Testdrive Panda online directions. In particular, as explained in the help for the script, there is support for setting the hostname and and an SSH key file at the same time that the SD card is written. This supports remote operation over Ethernet without using a serial cable and without knowing IP addresses. Instead, each device can be accessed via an mDNS name. See the documentation and the script itself for further details.

MD5 Sums

The MD5 sums of the large files are summarized here.