Belcarra USBLAN for Windows driver kits available for evaluation purposes.


Here you can download free demonstrations of Belcarra USBLAN for Microsoft Windows. There are two available downloads, one for Windows 10, and the second for earlier versions of Windows. They are provided with absolutely no warranty, and work for only 30 minutes. After that, if the device is unplugged and re-connected it will work again for another 30 minutes.

Each archive contains a README and a second ZIP archive (the inner ZIP archive). The second (inner) ZIP archive contains a batch file called SETUP.bat which should be run after the archive has been expanded somewhere.

Note Windows Explorer has tools to see inside a ZIP archive, and you can see the setup batch file without extracting the contents, but simply running the setup.bat file will not succeed .

Windows Version

Download link

Windows 10

Windows 10 download link

Windows 7 / 8.1

Windows 7/8.1 download link

Supported protocols

USBLAN supports devices with any of the following protocols. The protocol is auto-detected and does not need to be registered with USBLAN. The protocol can however affect the DHCP feature (CDC-EEM devices only), as described in the table below.

After USBLAN has been installed

USBLAN assumes that your test device has pairs of vendor and product ID. In all cases the Vendor ID is 0x15ec which belongs to Belcarra. The DHCP feature of USBLAN is enabled or not according the following table

Vendor ID

DHCP Setting


DHCP enabled for CDC-EEM, disabled for CDC-ECM, CDC-NCM and RNDIS


DHCP enabled for all protocols


DHCP disabled for all protocols


DHCP enabled for CDC-EEM, disabled for CDC-ECM, CDC-NCM and RNDIS


DHCP enabled for all protocols


DHCP disabled for all protocols

After testing your device

Contact Belcarra to have us prepare kits branded and targeted to your needs, with your own VID/PID pairs and eventually with the time restriction removed.